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My Sister's Keeper Summit is a powerful three day event bringing women and girls together. It will be an event full of empowerment, inspiration and fun. This event will feature speakers, open dialogue and informative hands on seminars, vendors, networking and entertainment. Our goal and mission are to bring to light and discuss issues and topics that make an impact on the lives of women and girls.



• Goal Setting: attendees will prepare their Vision Statement focusing on their goals and aspirations for the future as well as exploring career options.

• Health & Wellness : attendees will learn about health issues that affect women & girls, the importance of incorporating healthy hygiene in their daily lives, self care and mental wellness.

• Financial Literacy : attendees will learn how to create and manage a budget, the importance of savings and how to build and maintain good credits and more.

• Expressive Art: attendees will deal with their emotions by focusing on painting what they are feeling or how they see themselves through their lens.


HerStory: a panel of girls 13 - 21 discuss trending topics and issues which they deal with on a daily basis. Topics such as bullying, body image, self love, social media presence, peer pressure, confidence and more.

HerPurpose: an open dialogue led by our Keynote Speaker empowering women & girls to walk in their purpose.

Parenting on Purpose: an open dialogue with demonstrations led by a Licensed School Counselor focusing on Mother Daughter relationships, building trust, open communication and more.


Attendees have the opportunity to make connections and build lasting relationships which will contribute to their success.


GAME CHANGER AWARD: awarded to age 30 and older who has blazed a new trail and challenged the status quo. Nominees may have started a new business, advanced or developed new innovative ideas or concepts or created a new genre.

RISING STAR AWARD: recognizes the talents and determination of tomorrow's leaders in two categories:

  • Teen Dynamo: awarded to a teen-aged girl 13-19 years old who has demonstrated the ability for self growth and the ability to help others grow.

  • Young Adult: awarded to a young women who are 20-29 years old and has demonstrated the ability for self-growth and the ability to help others grow.

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